Due posti da Mozilla

Mozilla cerca due persone.

To complement the team, we are looking for two top talents:

  • User Interface Designer: You have designed smooth and beautiful user interfaces for complex web applications in the past. We are now offering you a chance to demonstrate how you can bring simplicity to rich real time communication services.
  • Web Developer: JavaScript is your mother language, and you also speak HTML5 with a strong CSS accent. You know how code powerful and snappy web applications: we need you to create the Firefox Desktop, Firefox Mobile and Firefox OS versions of these Mozilla WebRTC services.

Most of us are in Europe or in California. But it does not matter much in the end, as long as you speak good English. These positions are offered to contractors or freelancers for contracts of limited duration.
We’re moving fast, and need you now – later might be too late! If you are interested, just leave a message below and provide reference to your previous work. You can also send me an email at jb at mozilla dot com. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Qui. L’annuncio è interessante, lascia sperare qualcosa di grosso…

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